If you are entering the teaching profession most states and professional licensing organizations require you take a Praxis test.

Requirements are different across each state, please visit our newbies page for more info on Praxis test requirements

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Praxis core tests ( computer based tests ) are administered throughout the year. However, make sure you plan properly based on your readiness and the preparation time needed. Please visit our Praxis Test Dates page for more info.

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Praxis Classes

Training classes are a good idea if you need help passing the praxis tests.

Studying for the Praxis test or just want to know more , you have come to the right place. There is so much information on the web regarding Praxis but either not clear , organized clearly or you need to pay a lot. I have made it my mission to help others navigate this sometimes confusing path to a successful praxis test and on your way to a more successful teaching career. Here at Praxis Guide you will find a ton of information on praxis , free study guides, praxis practice exams , recommendations on classes and more.

Praxis study guides we recommend

praxis study guide praxis study guide praxis study guide praxis study guidepraxis study guide

 Praxis 1

About Praxis 1praxis test

Praxis 1 measures academic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Colleges and universities may use the Praxis Core tests to evaluate individuals for entry into teacher education programs, and many states also require Praxis Core scores as part of their teacher licensing process. These brand new Praxis  1 exams(which are replacing ]],nijj,j,,,,,, n;/k the current Pre-Professionals Skills Test (PPST)), test skills identified as needed for college and career readiness, in alignment with the Common Core State Standards.

 Praxis II

About Praxis II   

Praxis II Subject Assessments measure knowledge of specific subjects that K–12 educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge. Every state might require a different combination of Praxis II tests to be considered for certification. In quite a few states, these incorporate a substance learning and an instructional method exam. In a few states, students must pass these exams before being considered for student teaching component for the program. Numerous states utilize the Praxis II tests as an approach to decide exceedingly qualified educators status under the No Child Left Behind Act. The Praxis II School Counseling claim to fame exam is utilized by a few states as a licensure necessity to practice proficient school directing.

About me

About me

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I am Zarin , a teacher , entrepreneur and a mom of 2 kids. When I was going thru my Praxis certification I realized there is a dearth of clear , organized information and hence this website was born. I wish to help all the aspiring teachers out there to make their life a little bit easier.